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Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds’ wedding put together by Martha Stewart

By vancouvernews - Wed Sep 12, 12:34 pm

If you want the scoop on Blake Lively’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds, it’s not Gossip Girl who’s got the dirt. And don’t bother looking for secrets from one of the sisters of the “Traveling Pants� (though Us Weekly would like you to know all of those actresses attended, FYI).

Martha Stewart, it turns out, is the one with the full story — because her team planned the Sept. 9 affair.

We don’t mean that Lively’s been saving clips from Martha Stewart Weddings since her training-bra days (though who knows, maybe she has). The magazine team personally styled the event, and as such, they have exclusive coverage of the whole thing. But since that story (and accompanying lifestyle-porn photo spread) won’t be out until December, the mag has thrown a few scraps to appease your curiosity.

Among the questions answered:

1) What was Blake Lively wearing?

Despite reports that the 25-year-old actress chose a

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